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Audio WormStandalone Application Shimmering Sine-tone clusters manipulated by dragging a colorful worm around the control area. An eccentric live performance interface.
CDminifuckStandalone Application Re-arranges, granulates, mutilates, and generally kicks the shit out of your favourite CD's.
ChopStandalone Application a virtual 25 piece tunable scissor orchestra.
Fools-DictaStandalone Application 9 sound player/loopers with loop length, pitch, volume and other controls.
FrameworkPatch The framework part of the patch comprises 9 bpatcher objects connected in series. The user loads different kind of audio treatment modules into the bpatchers.
Leafcutter Audio AssistantStandalone Application Sound files informations viewer
WavefaderStandalone Application Wavefading monosynth mayhem - quite!

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