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tap.polar~External conversion : cartesian - polar coordinates
tap.poly.5comb~External poly bank of 5 comb filters
tap.poly.normalizer~External poly normalize signal
tap.poly.nr~External poly FFT spectral noise reduction
tap.poly.shift~External poly pitch shifter / harmonizer
tap.poly.spectra~External poly FFT spectral remapping
tap.poly.sustain~External poly sampling looper windowed
tap.poly.verb.lite~External poly reverberation simulators
tap.poly.verb~External poly reverberation simulators
tap.poly.vocoderlite~External poly 12 band vocoder
tap.poly.vocoder~External poly 24 band vocoder
tap.primeExternal generate prime numbers
tap.quantize~External multiply and round off a signal
tap.radians~External conversion : radians / degrees / hz
tap.randomExternal random float number generator
tap.record2~External crossfaded loop recording stereo
tap.record~External crossfaded loop recording
tap.rms~External root - mean - square of a signal
tap.scale~External scale for signal / maps input range of values to output range
tap.shift~External pitch shifter / harmonizer
tap.sieveExternal test select int
tap.sift~External analyze a signal - output to float
tap.smoothExternal Data stream smoother
tap.snap~External snaps to the nearest zero-crossing
tap.spectra~External FFT spectral remapping

Jamoma Jamoma provides a clear structure and common features for building max patches. reducing the amount of time needed to create new performance systems, and enhancing the interchange of patches amongst max users.
SuperCollider Compatibility Lib A package of objects to make porting SuperCollider patches to Max/MSP easier... (ca. 2001)
Tap.Tools Tap.Tools for Max/MSP/Jitter is a collection of abstractions(sub-patches) and externals developed by Tim Place for use in Cycling74's flexible Max/MSP/Jitter environment. It includes over 100 objects implementing a variety of filters, effects algorithms, utilities, etc.

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