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alea-1/fExternal 1/fnoise random number generator based on Clarke and Voss. Note that the slash (/) should be suppressed from the objectÕs name in MacOS X version otherwise the object wonÕt be recognized.
alea-arcsinExternal Arc sinus distribution.
alea-bendoverExternal Utility to control, here a type of filtering, random distribution output.
alea-betaExternal Generates a number with a beta distribution.
alea-bilatexpExternal Generates a number with a bilateral exponential distribution (also known as the first law of Laplace).
alea-brownieExternal A Brownian motion random walker.
alea-cauchyExternal Generates a number with a Cauchy distribution with a parameter alpha.
alea-cauchyposExternal Generates a number with a Cauchy distribution with a parameter alpha (the negative part of the Cauchy distribution is folded over onto the positive).
alea-choiceExternal Choice between two alternatives : choice 1 and choice 2.
alea-expExternal Generates a number with an exponential distribution of density lambda.
alea-gammaExternal Generates a number with a gamma distribution of parameter nu.
alea-gaussExternal A Gauss-Laplace random number distribution generator with a mean of mu and a bandwidth sigma. Also known as the normal distribution.
alea-hypercosExternal Generates a number with a hyperbolic cosinus distribution.
alea-intervalExternal Outputs an aleatoric interval uniformly distributed between start ±interval.
alea-linExternal Generates a number with a linear distribution.
alea-logExternal Generates a number with a logistic(and symmetrical) distribution.
alea-paretoExternal Generates a number with a pareto distribution.
alea-poissonExternal Generates a number with a Poisson distribution.
alea-ranExternal Uniform distributed random variable between 0 and 1 exclusive.
alea-rancdExternal Uniform distributed random variable between c and d exclusive.
alea-triangExternal A symmetrical distribution.
alea-walkerExternal Random walk. The walker takes off from the start value and moves back and forth between the upper and lower boundries.
alea-weibullExternal Generates a number with a Weilbull distribution.
aleamapperExternal Prinipally designed for the MaxAlea objects, the middle outlet outputs input variables below the minin boundry, the right outlet outputs input above the maxin boundry. A kind of combination of the scale and clip objects.
Alpha controls the shape, beta the scale."External

MaxAlea MaxAlea contains various objects for random distributions and functions. MaxAlea was begun as a Max port of an existing PatchWork Library created in 1991-2 by Mikhail Malt. While the distributions and functions found in MaxAlea are similar to those found in the Patchwork version ,there are many differences in their functioning. The environment of Patchwork is static and is not designed for real-time work. Part of the incentive for creating these objects to work with Max was to have a dynamic and real-time environment with which to experiment and work with these algorithms in a manner as simple and straightforward as possible. One can change variables and manipulate the output in many ways in real-time. There are several different versions of the various stochastic models/processes best presented in the now classic references by Denis Lorrain and Charles Dodge. Carl Faia has used a variety of sources for the creation of this library which include the Lorrain, Dodge and Malt implementations as well as sources found on the WorldWideWeb. The externals found in the package include several random distributions, examples of random walks and 1/f noise algorithms, as well as one or two utilities written specifically for the MaxAlea library. Carl Faia wanted to make a coherent collection (as he thought Malt had managed to do in PatchWork) of these various algorithms and provide an interface easily accessible using the Max environment for real-time control. All these algorithms have been created using a seeded version of the random function found in the standard AINSI library. That is, each time the function is first run there will always be a different set of random numbers (unlike the random funtions found in Max, PatchWork and other versions of random number generators).

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