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f0.tuneExternal frequency quantiser
f0.tune.jsJavascript (js) "quantise" frequencies
f0.tune~External frequency quantiser
f0.ultimate_counterExternal counter with float direction/rate and loop settings
f0.ultimate_counter.jsJavascript (js) counter with float direction rate and loop settings
f0.vmkAbstraction basic computer keyboard -> piano mapping
f0.voidAbstraction nothingness
f0.vrAbstraction value+receive that remembers what has been received
f0.vsAbstraction value+send that remembers what has been sent
f0.wrapExternal wrap float or integer numbers
f0.wrap~Abstraction wrap values
kil2Standalone Application simple vst host application with presets and mouse+keyboard control.
makeADSRAbstraction abstraction that creates envelopes
makeBlackmanAbstraction abstraction that creates envelopes
makeCurveAbstraction abstraction that creates envelopes
makeGaussAbstraction abstraction that creates envelopes
makeHammingAbstraction abstraction that creates envelopes
makeHanningAbstraction abstraction that creates envelopes
makeTrapezoidAbstraction abstraction that creates envelopes
v.m.kStandalone Application virtual midikeyboard

f0.abs a bunch of abstractions that someone might find helpful
f0.externals some externals for max
f0.mxj some java classes for max
make-enveloppe seven abstractions that creates different kinds of envelopes. perfect for grain synthesis. including adsr, blackman, curve, gauss, hamming, hanning, trapezoid.

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