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f0.fold~Abstraction fold values
f0.frames_to_beatsExternal calculates how many beats will fit in x [video]frames
f0.gcdExternal greatest common divisor
f0.hms_to_msAbstraction converts hours-minutes-seconds to milliseconds
f0.inc_dec_splitExternal detect direction of incoming values and split to different outlets
f0.inc_dec_split.jsJavascript (js) detect direction of incoming values and split to different outlets
f0.jit2n2External jitter to nato bridge object - for peace and understanding
f0.jit_dimchangeAbstraction outputs dim if a jitter frame differs from previous
f0.jit_dimchange2Abstraction outputs dim if a jitter frame differs from previous. more efficient version
f0.jit_fadeAbstraction fader built for efficiency
f0.jit_fade_uyvyAbstraction fader built for efficiency
f0.jit_lfosAbstraction a bank of lfos
f0.jit_mixAbstraction mixer built for efficiency
f0.jit_mix_uyvyAbstraction mixer built for efficiency
f0.keyAbstraction wrapper for key and keyup
f0.keyboard_layoutExternal get and set keyboard layout and input method
f0.l==Abstraction outputs 1 if two lists match
f0.lchangeAbstraction filter out repeated lists
f0.lftoaAbstraction list-of-floats to ascii conversion
f0.limit_counterExternal a different counter with floor and ceiling
f0.lineAbstraction different line
f0.line_expAbstraction exponential line
f0.line_logAbstraction logarithmic line
f0.list_all_zeroAbstraction outputs 1 if all numbers in a list are zero
f0.list_arpeggioAbstraction iterates over a list with a delay

f0.abs a bunch of abstractions that someone might find helpful
f0.externals some externals for max
f0.mxj some java classes for max
make-enveloppe seven abstractions that creates different kinds of envelopes. perfect for grain synthesis. including adsr, blackman, curve, gauss, hamming, hanning, trapezoid.

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