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f0.ratioExternal keep width/height proportion
f0.rect_to_coordsAbstraction convert x, y, width, height to x1, y1, x2, y2
f0.rotaryAbstraction for endless rotary encoders
f0.roundExternal round floats or integers to nearest quantise value
f0.round~External round a signal to nearest quantise value
f0.route_indexAbstraction route lists beginning with index
f0.route_patternAbstraction prepends indexes from a pattern
f0.s==Abstraction outputs 1 if two symbols match
f0.sahAbstraction sample and hold messages
f0.sampleAbstraction reduce a stream of messages by only letting every x message pass
f0.schangeAbstraction filter out repeated symbols
f0.schedAbstraction delay items or lists
f0.seedAbstraction custom seed for random objects
f0.seqAbstraction simple step sequencer for messages
f0.sine_ruleAbstraction sine rule
f0.slubExternal generate cpu spikes
f0.slub~External generate cpu spikes - msp version
f0.smoothExternal single exponential smoothing (ses). good for filtering data from sensors
f0.smooth.jsJavascript (js) single exponential smoothing (ses)
f0.smooth2External double exponential smoothing (des)
f0.smooth2.jsJavascript (js) double exponential smoothing (des)
f0.smooth2~External double exponential smoothing (des)
f0.smooth~External single exponential smoothing (ses)
f0.snapExternal smooth input values by snapping
f0.snap.jsJavascript (js) smooth by snapping

f0.abs a bunch of abstractions that someone might find helpful
f0.externals some externals for max
f0.mxj some java classes for max
make-enveloppe seven abstractions that creates different kinds of envelopes. perfect for grain synthesis. including adsr, blackman, curve, gauss, hamming, hanning, trapezoid.

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