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ajm.rseqJavaclass (mxj) rhythmic modular sequencer object
ajm.seqJavaclass (mxj) traverse and manipulate a sequence of numbers, messages, and lists
ajm.busymapAbstraction visualization of poly~ busymap
ajm.env~Abstraction An MSP envelope generator with independent breakpoint functions for attack and release
ajm.errorJavascript (js) print error messages to the Max window
ajm.evalJavaclass (mxj) parse MIDI note names, repetitions, and other syntax used by my ajm.seq & ajm.rseq objects
ajm.lfo~Abstraction MSP osciallator with speed, range, and shape controls
ajm.makenoteAbstraction make / transform notes
ajm.metroAbstraction transport-synced metro with relative time output
ajm.midi2collAbstraction Convert midi files to coll data for sequencing with ajm.metro
ajm.polyrouteAbstraction route messages to poly~ targets with OSC syntax
ajm.psuiJavascript (jsui) pattrstorage UI with queued preset recall
ajm.rseq2seqExternal simplifies connecting ajm.rseq to ajm.seq
ajm.rubyJavaclass (mxj) Ruby interpreter for Max

ajm objects Sequencing, scripting, and more for Max/MSP.

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