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dot.aggregateAbstraction Calculates aggregate of a list or a windowed stream.
dot.alloc2Abstraction Using a shared bus, deliberate to allocate a unique identifier. Peer with root index suggests identifiers to newcomers.
dot.appendaddrAbstraction Append text to the end of the first item of a list.
dot.autoscaleAbstraction Rescales numbers according to auto-detected maximum and minimum values.
dot.bitstobyteAbstraction Converts 8 bits into a single decimal byte.
dot.boundaryAbstraction Mutes, clamps, wraps, or folds a stream of numbers at a predefined minimum and/or maximum value.
dot.bytetobitsAbstraction Converts a single decimal byte into 8 binary bits.
dot.cartopol3Abstraction Converts 3D Cartesian coordinates to polar representation.
dot.centreAbstraction Automatically offsets input to re-centre signal around zero, with user-definable delay, ramp time, and time grain.
dot.changeAbstraction Just like the change object, but works for symbols and lists.
dot.channelthreshAbstraction Combines ID-tagged channels into lists using a delay threshold. Like “thresh,” but keeps channel information.
dot.clipAbstraction Clips a stream of numbers to a minimum, maximum, or both.
dot.covarianceAbstraction Calculates covariance of two windowed streams of numbers.
dot.dampedenvelopeAbstraction Audio-rate envelope-generator with damping.
dot.debounceAbstraction Filters multiple messages.
dot.distanceAbstraction Finds maximum or minimum distance between a scalar and a list.
dot.doubleSLIPdecodeAbstraction Parses double-ended SLIP-encoded data with user-defined start, end, and escape characters.
dot.doubleSLIPencodeAbstraction Encodes data using double-ended slip-coding with user-defined start, end, and escape characters.
dot.dynamicexpressionAbstraction User-definable expr-based scaling with autoscale.
dot.emaAbstraction Calculates the Exponential Moving Average of a stream of numbers.
dot.emdAbstraction Calculates the Exponential Moving Deviation of a stream of numbers.
dot.exemplarcovarianceAbstraction Calculates covariance of a windowed stream of numbers and an example.
dot.extremaAbstraction Outputs values of local maxima and minima.
dot.fileinAbstraction Adds dump command to the filein object.
dot.forAbstraction Outputs a sequence of incremented numbers when banged.

Digital Orchestra Toolbox The Digital Orchestra Toolbox is a collection of Max/MSP abstractions that we have found useful in creating gesture processing, mapping, and synthesis patches for digital musical instruments. Each patch is accompanied with a help patch to demonstrate its use.

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