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dot.OSCexpandAbstraction Simply expands OSC address strings so that the route object can parse them.
dot.OSCrouteAbstraction Native-max OSC parser allowing multiple OSC addresses to be dynamically added and removed.
dot.OSCunaliasAbstraction Restores OSC addresses that have been aliased using dot.OSCalias.
dot.poltocar3Abstraction Converts 3D polar coordinates to Cartesian representation.
dot.quaternion.conjugateAbstraction Calculate the conjugate of a quaternion.
dot.quaternion.inverseAbstraction Calculate the inverse of a quaternion.
dot.quaternion.multiplyAbstraction Multiply two quaternions.
dot.quaternion.normalizeAbstraction Normalize a quaternions.
dot.quaternion.SLERPAbstraction Performs Spherical Linear Interpolation between two quaternions.
dot.quaternion2axisAbstraction Convert quaternion to axis/angle representation.
dot.randometroAbstraction Like the "metro" object but outputs randomly within a range.
dot.SLIPdecodeAbstraction Parses slip-encoded data with user-defined delimiter and escape character.
dot.SLIPencodeAbstraction Encodes data using slip-coding with user-defined delimiter and escape character.
dot.sparklineAbstraction Draws a sparkline from a list or stream onto an lcd object.
dot.splitAbstraction Right outlet if greater then threshold, left outlet otherwise.
dot.stdAbstraction Calculates the Standard Deviation of a windowed stream of numbers.
dot.timedsmooth2Abstraction Time-windowed averaging filter in which each input sample has the same weight.
dot.urnAbstraction Generate random numbers without duplicates (like "urn"), but you can put numbers back in the pot.
dot.waitAbstraction bangs when values are over-threshold for wait time.
dot.windowedextremaAbstraction Outputs the minimum and maximum value received with the last n samples. Also outputs the order of the extrema in the window.
dot.wmpAbstraction Process the data from a Wii Motion Plus and remove gyro bias.

Digital Orchestra Toolbox The Digital Orchestra Toolbox is a collection of Max/MSP abstractions that we have found useful in creating gesture processing, mapping, and synthesis patches for digital musical instruments. Each patch is accompanied with a help patch to demonstrate its use.

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