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Angle-distAbstraction convert 2D plane (X/Y) in 360° polar vector
billardfenetreAbstraction used with pmpd, one mass with his control
fc.2dscaleAbstraction 2 values scale, separate or list output
fc.adjustAbstraction dynamic interpolation between 2 values at a spécified time
fc.BP.LinkAbstraction link the masses create with the poly-B.P.particule2
fc.incrementAbstraction raise/deraise control mode
fc.memo2paramAbstraction record 2 values, play/stop/loop it
fc.midilearnAbstraction object for facilitate the assignation of your midi controller
fc.msd-MakeMassAbstraction used with msd2D, create/delete masses & utilities
fc.RotoseqAbstraction divise a 2D map in angular segment
Poly-B.P.particule2Abstraction used with pmpd 2D objects, create/delete mass, control, bounds, collision detection & receive

fc.lib Set of abstractions for max5 around the libraries PMPD & MSD, and some utilities to dynamic control and facilitate for manipulated it (show in "ressources" web page)

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