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dot.asyncdemod~Abstraction Asynchrouous demodulation of baseband signal from an AM-carrier.
dot.autoscale~Abstraction Automatically scale incoming signal to a defined output-range.
dot.fromsignal~Abstraction Samples a signal triggered by change.
dot.hx<->smp~Abstraction Converts between frequency in hz (cycles/second) and samples/cycle.
dot.interpolate4~Abstraction A sort of spectral interpolation of 4 signals via magnitude and phase vector.
dot.mix4~Abstraction Mixes four signals via XY-coordinates.
dot.phase->freq~Abstraction Instantaneous frequency estimation from phase deltas.
dot.rad->norm~Abstraction Scales 2pi-radians to normalized range (0-1) with optional wraparound.
dot.repeatAbstraction Repeats a message a specified number of times.
dot.route~Abstraction Separates signals from max-messages.
dot.scale~Abstraction MSP version of Max's scale-object (with 'proper' exponent).
dot.schmitt~Abstraction Detect triggers from envelope of a signal.
dot.signaccumAbstraction Accumulates positive vs. negative same-sign deltas.
dot.sintrack~Abstraction Tracks magnitude, instantaneous phase, and instantaneous frequency of a sinusoid.
dot.typecheckAbstraction The dot.typecheck object routes input according to data type.
dot.vscaleAbstraction Just like the scale object, but for vectors. Includes clipping-feature.

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