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Classic VocoderPatch classic vocoder
classic-vocoderPatch Classic Vocoder. From the examples that come with Max/MSP installer.
gt.grain1~Abstraction generate a single grain
gt.scrub~Abstraction scrub through a buffered audio sample
gt.stream~Abstraction granulate an incoming audio stream in real-time
gt.stretch~Abstraction capture audio input and timestretch it
mw.jit.centre-itAbstraction A Jitter abstraction for placing a matrix of unknown dimensions at the centre of a fixed-dimension matrix.
mw.lcdrangebarExternal an lcd-based bpatcher which performs a similar function to Max\'s built-in rangebar. This one has some nifty features which the (ageing) rangebar lacks.
preset storage patchPatch lets you store settings from all your sub- or bpatchers in one handy location. It can handle ints, floats and symbols as well as lists.
RTGSStandalone Application Real-Time Granular Synth

Grain Tools a set of abstractions for performing various granular synthesis tricks. Released under the GNU General Public License.

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