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net.loadbang.groovyJavaclass (mxj) Groovy language for MaxMSP
net.loadbang.jythonJavaclass (mxj) Python language for MaxMSP
net.loadbang.sql.mxj.MySQLJavaclass (mxj) MXJ accessor for MySQL
net.loadbang.sql.mxj.NoddySQLJavaclass (mxj) MXJ accessor for HSQLDB
net.loadbang.webJavaclass (mxj) Embedded JSP-capable web server for MaxMSP
registryExternal Registry is a bit like a coll object, but supports a hierarchical directory structure

loadbang.net SQL A Java library for communicating with SQL databases from MXJ. We currently support MySQL and HSQLDB. The HSQLDB system includes an embedded database instance, so it runs automatically from text files in Max\'s search path; no external database server configuration is necessary.
net.loadbang.groovy net.loadbang.groovy is a package which supports the Groovy scripting/programming language within MXJ for Max/MSP.

Groovy is an agile, dynamic language for the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) which builds upon Java by providing features such as closures and support for domain-specific programming (such as XML processing and database access). It integrates seamlessly with Java and is very similar in syntax.
net.loadbang.jython Embedded Python interpreter for MaxMSP, using Jython and MXJ. This is a companion release to the Groovy interpreter.
net.loadbang.web Jetty-based embedded web server for MaxMSP. The server is packaged into an MXJ object, and can serve files from any directory in MaxMSP\'s search path. The server implements two-way communication with Max: the object reports web requests into the Max world, and Max can create attribute bindings for JSPs.

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