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jmod.ag.granular.controlAbstraction generates a stream of grain parameters\triggers
jmod.ag.granular.engine~Abstraction engine which generates grains
jmod.ag.granular.modulateAbstraction modulates a stream of grain rain parameters\triggers
jmod.ag.granular.playAbstraction replays a recorded stream of timestamped grain parameters\triggers
jmod.ag.granular.recordAbstraction records a timestamped stream of grain parameters\triggers
jmod.ag.presetmixpadAbstraction controls preset mixing of any Jamoma module

ag.graular.suite The ag.granular.suite is a collection of Max/MSP patches for generalised granular sound processing and microsound composition written using FTM/Gabor libraries (developed at IRCAM) and encapsulated as Jamoma modules. Main features include: subsample accurate scheduling, multichannel output, granulation of multiple soundfiles at the same time (with interpolation of two sources per grain), parameter randomisation and sequencing, control via OSC, preset management, preset interpolation. Its modular architecture makes it possible to easily extend it with new algorithms for grain scheduling and parameter control.

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