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DCVResize.mxoExternal External
DCVTrack.mxoExternal External
DfxAddition.maxpatExternal Abstraction
DfxAffineClamp.maxpatExternal Abstraction
DfxAffineTile.maxpatExternal Abstraction
DfxAffineTransform.maxpatExternal Abstraction
DfxBlendWithMask.maxpatExternal Abstraction
DfxBloom.maxpatExternal Abstraction
DfxBoxBlur.maxpatExternal Abstraction
DfxBumpDistortion.maxpatExternal Abstraction
DfxBumpDistortionLinear.maxpatExternal Abstraction
DfxCheckerboard.maxpatExternal Abstraction
DfxChromakey.maxpatExternal Abstraction
DfxCircleSplashDistortion.maxpatExternal Abstraction
DfxCircularScreen.maxpatExternal Abstraction
DfxCircularWrapDistortion.maxpatExternal Abstraction
DfxCMYKHalftone.maxpatExternal Abstraction
DfxColorBlendMode.maxpatExternal Abstraction
DfxColorBurnBlendMode.maxpatExternal Abstraction
DfxColorControls.maxpatExternal Abstraction
DfxColorCube.maxpatExternal Abstraction
DfxColorDodgeBlendMode.maxpatExternal Abstraction
DfxColorFilter.maxpatExternal Abstraction
DfxColorInvert.maxpatExternal Abstraction
DfxColorMap.maxpatExternal Abstraction

DIPS5v1.01 DIPS (Digital Image Processing with Sound) is a plug-in software for Max. DIPS, consisting of more than 370 Max external and abstracts objects, is a powerful and user-friendly tool for the creation of interactive multimedia art, supporting interaction between sound events and visual events in Max, using Apple’s Core Image technology as well as OpenGL and OpenCV technologies.

DIPS5v1.01 is the most recent release (Oct. 2013) and available from http://dips.kcm-sd.ac.jp .
DIPS Development Group

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