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smtpExternal send emails with Max through any smtp server
spacemouseExternal use Magellan Spacemouse or 3Dconnexion's Spaceball as input controller with 6 degrees of freedom
trig.ang2cartExternal Converts angular coordinates (azi/ele/dist) into cartesian (X/Y/Z).
trig.cart2angExternal Converts cartesian coordinates (X/Y/Z) into angular (azi/ele/dist).
trig.crossprodExternal Calculates the vector cross product.
trig.deg2radExternal Converts degrees (-180 - +180) into radiant (-pi - +pi).
trig.rad2degExternal Converts radiant (-pi - +pi) into degrees (-180 - +180).
trig.vecangExternal Calculates the angle between vectors.
trig.veclenExternal Calculates the length of a vector.
trig.vecprodExternal Calculates the vector dot product.
TwinCATExternal TwinCAT ADS communication client
wacomExternal get transducer information from a Wacom graphical tablet

artificial tango The artificial tango library is a collection of externals for Max/MSP dealing with recognition, analysis and generation of musical structures and events. Most objects take MIDI data as input.
In order to use the objects from the artificial tango library FTM 2.0 has to be installed on your system.
trig a collection of externals for trigonometrical calculations and conversions. The 8 objects include conversion between angular and cartesian coordinate systems and some vector calculations.

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