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!External An object to return the logical NOT of the input.
bangerExternal An object to bang outlets sequentially.
bitExternal An object to separate an int into bits
byteExternal An object to combine separate bits into a single int
L==External An object to compare two lists
LabelExternal The great prepender.
LabsExternal An object to find the absolute values of all members of a list.
LaccumExternal An object to add a series of lists, member by member.
LaddExternal An object to add two lists, member by member.
LarrayExternal An object to store thousands of floats.
LaterExternal An object to hang on to an int and spit it out later.
LaveExternal An object to find the average of the non zero values in a list.
LbagExternal An object to maintain a list of integers.
LbangExternal An object to tidy up windows a little
LbondoExternal An object to send complete lists upon change of any data
LbotExternal An object to find lowest valued members of a list
LbufExternal An object to store a list.
LbuildExternal An object to gradually build and tear down lists
LbuildsetExternal Sets specified members of a list to stored value.
LcatchExternal Collects data into lists, delimited by a pause.
LcentExternal An object to find the weighted center of a list.
LchunkExternal Breaks a long list into a lot of little ones, or collects data into lists.
LcloseExternal An object to find values from a template that are close to requested value.
LcompExternal An object to subtract two lists, member by member.
LcountExternal A simple counter that behaves rather like C code or some hardware.

Lobjects Max objects for manipulation of lists of numbers.

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