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PatternExternal Create different shaped areas of multicolored patterns in a Max window - use as backgrounds, etc.
Pict_ButtonExternal Display 2 different PICTs transparently inside a button with all the features of the above button types, except there is no border, and shapes other than rectangles can be placed directly on top of other pict files or background panels. Great for those
prefsFileExternal Create a real, application specific Preferences file in an (optional) folder inside the System Folder, with custom creator and file type (and custom icon). Store and retrieve data in the file in one or more custom resources.
scaleXExternal Scale any range int, float, or list into another range with optimized memory features. 
selXExternal An enhanced “sel” object,
selXchanExternal Easy routing of notelists by channel
selXnoteExternal Look for certain notes in an incoming note list
selXvelExternal Look for certain velocities in an incoming note list
sgateExternal Version of "gate" optimized for a specific symbol.
sliceXExternal Slice a long list into various sized pieces, by args
splitXExternal An enhanced “split” object
splitXchanExternal Easily route notes and controllers by channel or ranges of channels without unpacking the lists
splitXnoteExternal Look for multiple ranges of notes in incoming notelists without unpacking the data
splitXvelExternal Look for multiple ranges of velocities in incoming notelists without unpacking the data
sysBeepExternal Beep the system alert sound.
unpackXExternal Enhanced “unpack” object,

MegaMax The MegaMAX™ Collection is a set of 33 external objects for use with Opcode's MAX programming environment. It was created by professional musician and programmer Stephen Kay in an effort to deal with some of the frustrations and limitations of creating a professional looking, feeling and functioning application. But you don't have to be an application developer! The MegaMAX Collection is for anyone who wants to make better-looking and functioning Max patchers at all levels.
Optimized Gates 7 different optimized gates ("bgate" for bangs, "igate" for ints, "fgate" for floats, "sgate" for symbols, and "lgate" for lists. These do not need to do a message lookup, since they only deal with one data type. Also includes "andGate" and "orGate" by David Roach)

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