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ej.4m.jsJavascript (js) Calculate minimum, mean, median and maximum on an int/float stream
ej.cc.jsJavascript (js) Change object Color
ej.cn.jsJavascript (js) Change Name of named object
ej.cycle.jsJavascript (js) Route value to different outlets.
ej.dialogAbstraction replacement for the dialog object
ej.dn.jsJavascript (js) Display a named object.
ej.dx2xJavaclass (mxj) create a list from intervals
ej.fplayJavaclass (mxj) Non-graphical multi-breakpoint function editor (equivalent of ej.function.js without the drawing feature).
ej.ftomJavaclass (mxj) Frequency to MIDI (with tuning adjustment, works for lists)
ej.function.jsJavascript (jsui) UI: multi bpf editor compatible with the standart function object
ej.jit.previewAbstraction (Bpatcher) JItter patcher window with slowing down information
ej.l2bufferJavaclass (mxj) fill a buffer~ with a list
ej.lchangeJavaclass (mxj) aware of list changes
ej.lclipJavaclass (mxj) constrains a list within a certain range
ej.ldrunkJavaclass (mxj) drunk for list
ej.led.jsJavascript (jsui) does the same as the standard LED object / button object
ej.lineAbstraction Multi-segment line
ej.linterpJavaclass (mxj) List interpolator (2, 4 or 8 inputs)
ej.lock.jsJavascript (js) Get/set locked mode (patch edit mode)
ej.lopJavaclass (mxj) list operator
ej.lquantJavaclass (mxj) Quantize a stream of number or a list
ej.lscaleJavaclass (mxj) maps input range of lists to output range
ej.lslideJavaclass (mxj) smooth-out changes in list
ej.lui.jsJavascript (js) JavaScript which creates a JSUI... and then kills himself :-)
ej.mmmmJavaclass (mxj) calculate minimum, mean, median and maximum

ejies The ejies is a collection of abstractions utilities, digital signal processing, JavaScripts tools I have developed in Max/MSP-Jitter for my own pedagogical purposes, using the knowledge I gained while teaching at Ircam.
Zsa.descriptors Zsa.descriptors is a library for real-time descriptors analysis.

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