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bthresher~External bthresher~ extends the thresher model, to give independent control over the parameters of each individual bin.
burrow~External filtering
cavoc27~External 27 rule cellular automata (CA).
cavoc~External cavoc~ is an 8 rule cellular automata that generates spectra. Start with very low gain.
centerring~External frequency modulation
codepend~External block convolution processor
crossx~External a cross synthesis object with gating
dentist~External dentist~ punches out all but a select set of partials.
disarrain~External an interpolating version of disarray~
disarray~External disarray~ reorders the weights of spectral components below a specified frequency.
drown~External noise reduction
ether~External ether~ selects portions of two input signals and creates a composite output spectrum based upon the amplitude of the inputs
leaker~External leaker~ combines two input sounds, with the spectral contribution of each sound determined by an internally maintained sieve and a threshold selection value.
mindwarp~External mindwarp~ performs spectral envelope warping.
morphine~External morphine~ performs spectral morphing
multyq~External multyq~ is a four band equalizer
presidency~External a spectral sampler with pitch control
pvcompand~External pvcompand~ either expands or compresses the differences between the amplitudes of the spectral frames.
pvgrain~External a spectrum analyzer for granular resynthesis
pvharm~External a harmonizer
pvtuner~External a spectrum quantizer for tuning to arbitrary scales
pvwarp~External Experimental spectrum warper
reanimator~External an audio texture mapper
resent~External resent~ follows the model of residency but allows independent control over each bin.

FFTease FFTease is a collection of Max/MSP objects implementing various forms of spectral sound processing. These include an additive-synthesis phase vocoder, noise reduction, cross synthesis, and more unusual forms of spectral processing

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