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residency_buffer~External residency_buffer~ is like residency~ except that it uses an MSP buffer~ rather than an internal buffer.
residency~External residency~ is a spectral sampler
scrape~External scrape~ is like drown~ except that it only operates between the frequencies specified by knee and cutoff to the Nyquist.
shapee~External shapee~ shapes the frequency evolution of one signal with that of another.
swinger~External swinger~ replaces the phases of one signal (left) with those from another (right).
taint~External taint~ multiplies the spectra of two input signals
thresher~External an amplitude/frequency sensitive gating object
vacancy~External vacancy~ performs spectral compositing. The threshold controls the compositing and is specified in dB.
xsyn~External xsyn~ filters the first input with the second input, creating a spectral cross synthesis effect.

FFTease FFTease is a collection of Max/MSP objects implementing various forms of spectral sound processing. These include an additive-synthesis phase vocoder, noise reduction, cross synthesis, and more unusual forms of spectral processing

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