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alternateExternal Alternate outlets every data is inputted
gem.accumrotateExternal Accumulate a rotation
gem.alphaExternal Turn on alpha blending
gem.ambientExternal Ambient a gem object
gem.ambientRGBExternal Ambient a gem object
gem.circleExternal Creates a circle
gem.colorExternal Color a gem object
gem.colorRGBExternal Color a gem object
gem.colorSquareExternal Creates a colorSquare
gem.coneExternal Creates a cone
gem.cubeExternal Creates a cube
gem.cuboidExternal Creates a cuboid
gem.curveExternal Creates a curve
gem.curve3dExternal Creates a 3D curve
gem.cylinderExternal Creates a cylinder
gem.depthExternal Turn on/off depth test
gem.diffuseExternal Diffuse a gem object
gem.diffuseRGBExternal Diffuse a gem object
gem.diskExternal Creates a disk
gem.emissionExternal Emission a gem object
gem.emissionRGBExternal Emission a gem object
gem.gemheadExternal The starting point for all graphics trees
gem.gemmouseExternal Respond to mouse events (currently not available)
gem.gemorbExternal Respond to space orb events (currently not available)

GEM (Graphics Environment for Multimedia) This software enable Max to render interactive 3D graphics using OpenGL.

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