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2p2z~External two-pole two-zero filter
2pole~External two-pole filter
abs~External Absolute value of a signal
adc1~Abstraction stereo analog-to-digital (ADC) converter
apass1~Abstraction basic all-pass filter
apass2~Abstraction all-pass filter
apass3~External all-pass filter
bag~Abstraction sample and write
boner~External poke it in and peek it out
bpass1~Abstraction band-pass filter
bstop1~Abstraction band-stop filter
catch~External catch~ outputs the sum of all inputs to throw~ objects that are being sent to it.
coef_bpass2~External calculates coefficients for 2p2z for a bandpass boost/cut filter
coef_bpass3~Abstraction bandboost or band-cut filter
coef_hlshelf1~External calculates coefficients for 2p2z for a double shelving boost/cut filter
coef_hlshelf2~Abstraction double shelving boost /cut filter
comb1~Abstraction comb filter
comb2~Abstraction comb filter
complex-mod~Abstraction complex-mod~ takes a (real, imaginary) signal pair and multiplies it (as a complex number) with a complex exponential.
db1Abstraction converts an integer slider to a "handy decibel scale".
declareExternal change MAX's global settings when your patch is loaded
delay2~Abstraction delay
delread~External delay line tap
delwrite~External delay line
down~External Down~ outputs a signal which has been downsampled to half the incoming signal's sampling rate.

ISPW Compatibility Library This library provides a set of abstractions which allow a certain degree of compatibility between MSP and Miller Puckette's Max0.26/FTS for the ISPW/SIM (Ircam Signal Processing Workstation/Station d'Informatique Musicale). It contains abstractions for all of the ISPW (signal) objects whose name has changed in MSP, and some additional abstractions to replace objects found in the "lib" and "ISPW jimmies".
Jimmies The Jimmies is an historical collection of patches, abstractions and external objects developed for the MAX/FTS environment on the ISPW at the beginning of the 1990s, and assembled into a formal collection of tools by Zack Settel in 1993.

Zack Settel developped a new free version of the Jimmies called xjimmies : http://www.maxobjects.com/?v=libraries&id_library=100
xjimmies Parts of the nSLAM audio suite.
The "xjimmies" library included with nSLAM v2.0 offers new functionality not defined in the original "jimmies" running under Max/MSP.
Specifically, a number of new objects have been added for working with multichannel sound, sound source simulation and immersive audio. The name of the library, formerly "jimmies", was changed to "xjimmies", since the "X"-platform library runs in both PD (Windows/OSX/Linux) and now, in Max/MSP (Windows/OSX).

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