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envfol1~Abstraction envelope follower
explodeExternal see detonate
flange1~Abstraction flanger
fshift1~Abstraction frequency shifter
fsplitAbstraction An abstraction to provide a floating-point version of split.
gain1~Abstraction converts a linear slider into a logarithmic gain scale.
gain2~Abstraction This is a version of gain1~ which accepts a decibel scale in its second inlet instead of linear slider values.
harmv2~Abstraction harmonizer
hilbert~Abstraction produces phase quadrature signals from an audio input.
hpass1~Abstraction highpass filter
hpass2~Abstraction highpass filter
hz->radiansAbstraction hertz to radian converter
incr~External ramp signal
lpass1~Abstraction lowpass filter
lpass2~Abstraction lowpass filter
mute1~Abstraction fade out
peak~Abstraction peak meter
peq1~Abstraction parametric EQ
peq2~Abstraction parametric EQ
peqbank1~Abstraction parametric EQ filter bank
phaseshift1~Abstraction phase-shifter
print~External Print~ prints out vectors of samples of signal values in the Max startup window.
probe1~Abstraction signal probe
qgain1~Abstraction quadraphonic gain module

ISPW Compatibility Library This library provides a set of abstractions which allow a certain degree of compatibility between MSP and Miller Puckette's Max0.26/FTS for the ISPW/SIM (Ircam Signal Processing Workstation/Station d'Informatique Musicale). It contains abstractions for all of the ISPW (signal) objects whose name has changed in MSP, and some additional abstractions to replace objects found in the "lib" and "ISPW jimmies".
Jimmies The Jimmies is an historical collection of patches, abstractions and external objects developed for the MAX/FTS environment on the ISPW at the beginning of the 1990s, and assembled into a formal collection of tools by Zack Settel in 1993.

Zack Settel developped a new free version of the Jimmies called xjimmies : http://www.maxobjects.com/?v=libraries&id_library=100
xjimmies Parts of the nSLAM audio suite.
The "xjimmies" library included with nSLAM v2.0 offers new functionality not defined in the original "jimmies" running under Max/MSP.
Specifically, a number of new objects have been added for working with multichannel sound, sound source simulation and immersive audio. The name of the library, formerly "jimmies", was changed to "xjimmies", since the "X"-platform library runs in both PD (Windows/OSX/Linux) and now, in Max/MSP (Windows/OSX).

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