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Max/MSP is a graphical environment for music, audio, and multimedia. In use worldwide for over fifteen years by performers, composers, artists, teachers, and students, Max/MSP is the way to make your computer do things that reflect your individual ideas and dreams.
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pictctrl External picture-based controls

pictslider External One- and two-dimensional slider with customizeable appearance

pipe External Delay line for numerical values

playbar External Standard Quicktime movie play controller as a user interface object

plugmidiin External Receive MIDI events from plug-in host (pluggo)

plugmidiout External Send MIDI messages to a plug-in host (pluggo)

plugmod External Modify VST plug-in parameters in other plug-ins (pluggo)

plugmorph External Set plug-ins with presets created by morphing between other presets (pluggo)

plugmultiparam External Define an array of plug-in parameters (pluggo)

plugstore External Store a list of numbers in multislider format (pluggo)

poltocar External Polar to Cartesian coordinate conversion

poly External Allocate notes to different voices, polyphonic voice allocation

polyin External Output incoming MIDI poly pressure values

polyout External Send MIDI polyphonic key pressure messages

pow External Compute x to the power of y ; exponent

pp External Define a plug-in parameter (pluggo)

pptempo External Define tempo and sync mode parameters (pluggo)

pptime External Define a time parameter in multiple formats (pluggo)

prepend External Insert a list or message before another list or message

preset External Store and recall settings of objects

print External Print any message in the Max window

prob External Build a transition table of probabilities, Make weighted random series of numbers

pv External Store and retrieve variables specific to a patcher

pvar External Connect to a named object in a patcher ; send receive

radiogroup External a group of radio buttons or check boxes for dialog selection

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