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The Digital Orchestra Toolbox is a collection of Max/MSP abstractions that we have found useful in creating gesture processing, mapping, and synthesis patches for digital musical instruments. Each patch is accompanied with a help patch to demonstrate its use.
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dot.aggregate Abstraction Calculates aggregate of a list or a windowed stream.

dot.alloc Abstraction Using a shared bus, deliberate to allocate a unique identifier.

dot.alloc2 Abstraction Using a shared bus, deliberate to allocate a unique identifier. Peer with root index suggests identifiers to newcomers.

dot.appendaddr Abstraction Append text to the end of the first item of a list.

dot.asyncdemod~ Abstraction Asynchrouous demodulation of baseband signal from an AM-carrier.

dot.atoi Abstraction Convert a symbol that starts with a decimal number to an integer.

dot.attackslope Abstraction Given two thresholds, determine the slope between the points at which they are crossed in the positive direction (i.e., attack speed).

dot.autoscale Abstraction Rescales numbers according to auto-detected maximum and minimum values.

dot.autoscale~ Abstraction Automatically scale incoming signal to a defined output-range.

dot.bitstobyte Abstraction Converts 8 bits into a single decimal byte.

dot.boundary Abstraction Mutes, clamps, wraps, or folds a stream of numbers at a predefined minimum and/or maximum value.

dot.bytetobits Abstraction Converts a single decimal byte into 8 binary bits.

dot.cartopol3 Abstraction Converts 3D Cartesian coordinates to polar representation.

dot.centre Abstraction Automatically offsets input to re-centre signal around zero, with user-definable delay, ramp time, and time grain.

dot.change Abstraction Just like the change object, but works for symbols and lists.

dot.channelthresh Abstraction Combines ID-tagged channels into lists using a delay threshold. Like “thresh,” but keeps channel information.

dot.clip Abstraction Clips a stream of numbers to a minimum, maximum, or both.

dot.combinote Abstraction Combines 8 input signals into a single value such that any given combination will be a unique number.

dot.covariance Abstraction Calculates covariance of two windowed streams of numbers.

dot.dampedenvelope Abstraction Audio-rate envelope-generator with damping.

dot.debounce Abstraction Filters multiple messages.

dot.distance Abstraction Finds maximum or minimum distance between a scalar and a list.

dot.doubleSLIPdecode Abstraction Parses double-ended SLIP-encoded data with user-defined start, end, and escape characters.

dot.doubleSLIPencode Abstraction Encodes data using double-ended slip-coding with user-defined start, end, and escape characters.

dot.dynamicexpression Abstraction User-definable expr-based scaling with autoscale.

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