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The Digital Orchestra Toolbox is a collection of Max/MSP abstractions that we have found useful in creating gesture processing, mapping, and synthesis patches for digital musical instruments. Each patch is accompanied with a help patch to demonstrate its use.
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dot.ema Abstraction Calculates the Exponential Moving Average of a stream of numbers.

dot.emd Abstraction Calculates the Exponential Moving Deviation of a stream of numbers.

dot.exemplarcovariance Abstraction Calculates covariance of a windowed stream of numbers and an example.

dot.extrema Abstraction Outputs values of local maxima and minima.

dot.filein Abstraction Adds dump command to the filein object.

dot.for Abstraction Outputs a sequence of incremented numbers when banged.

dot.fqa Abstraction Factored Quaternion Algorithm for calculating orientation from magnetometer and accelerometer data.

dot.fraction Abstraction Looks at divisions of a list and outputs the highest value corresponding to nodes at 2 3 4 5 and 6 part divisions. Intended for use with dot.harmonicfilter.

dot.fromsignal~ Abstraction Samples a signal triggered by change.

dot.getindex Abstraction Retrieves indexes of coll data entries that match the query.

dot.harmonicfilter Abstraction For determining damping gains in modal synthesis based on a harmonic series. Handles “string division” at 0.5, 0.3, 0.25, 0.2, 0.167

dot.history Abstraction Outputs list of delayed samples: x[n], x[n-1], …, x[n-m].

dot.hx<->smp~ Abstraction Converts between frequency in hz (cycles/second) and samples/cycle.

dot.index Abstraction Generates the lowest unused index (for coll storage, for example). Argument sets maximum index.

dot.interpolate4~ Abstraction A sort of spectral interpolation of 4 signals via magnitude and phase vector.

dot.jab Abstraction Detect "jabbing" gestures in acceleration data.

dot.jit.quaternion.conjugate Abstraction Calculate the conjugate of a quaternion stored in the planes of a jitter matrix.

dot.jit.quaternion.inverse Abstraction Calculate the inverse of a quaternion stored in the planes of a jitter matrix.

dot.jit.quaternion.multiply Abstraction Multiply two quaternions stored in the planes of a jitter matrix.

dot.leakyintegrator Abstraction An accumulator with a hole in it. The leakiness is highly customizable.

dot.leakyintegrator2 Abstraction Integrator with a leak... handles floating-point numbers, signed values, leak expressions.

dot.line Abstraction A wrapper for the line object so it accepts breakpoint trajectory lists like line~.

dot.listinterpolate Abstraction Interpolates/extrapolates between two lists of equal length.

dot.listinterpolate4 Abstraction Interpolates/extrapolates between four lists of equal length.

dot.listpipe Abstraction Delays a stream of input like pipe, but also works for lists.

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