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The Digital Orchestra Toolbox is a collection of Max/MSP abstractions that we have found useful in creating gesture processing, mapping, and synthesis patches for digital musical instruments. Each patch is accompanied with a help patch to demonstrate its use.
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dot.mass-spring Abstraction Implements a simple mass--spring-damper model.

dot.matchNth Abstraction Outputs message if the nth item matches the argument.

dot.matcNth Abstraction Outputs message if the nth item address pattern matches the argument.

dot.median Abstraction Outputs median value of a user-definable sample size.

dot.midiout Abstraction Helper for quickly configuring MIDI output.

dot.MIDIpedal~ Abstraction Detect triggers from a MIDI-pedal through an audio-input.

dot.mix4~ Abstraction Mixes four signals via XY-coordinates.

dot.normalize Abstraction Normalizes a list of ints or floats, or a windowed stream.

dot.nth Abstraction Works like zl nth, but can match multiple indexes.

dot.orient Abstraction Calculates absolute orientation from gravity and magnetic field vectors.

dot.OSCalias Abstraction Shortens long OSC addresses by giving them aliases.

dot.OSCcompress Abstraction Simply removes spaces in OSC address strings.

dot.OSCexpand Abstraction Simply expands OSC address strings so that the route object can parse them.

dot.OSCroute Abstraction Native-max OSC parser allowing multiple OSC addresses to be dynamically added and removed.

dot.OSCunalias Abstraction Restores OSC addresses that have been aliased using dot.OSCalias.

dot.phase->freq~ Abstraction Instantaneous frequency estimation from phase deltas.

dot.playabsolute Abstraction Play files recorded by dot.recordabsolute.

dot.polar Abstraction Converts x/y into amplitude and angle. Change in agle with wrap-around correction is also calculated.

dot.poltocar3 Abstraction Converts 3D polar coordinates to Cartesian representation.

dot.prependaddr Abstraction Prepend text to the beginning of the first item of a list.

dot.probgate Abstraction A probabilistic gate with remote control.

dot.properties Abstraction regexp wrapper for parsing tagged message properties expressed in the form "@[label] [data]". Second outlet outputs number of backreferences.

dot.quaternion.conjugate Abstraction Calculate the conjugate of a quaternion.

dot.quaternion.inverse Abstraction Calculate the inverse of a quaternion.

dot.quaternion.multiply Abstraction Multiply two quaternions.

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