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The Digital Orchestra Toolbox is a collection of Max/MSP abstractions that we have found useful in creating gesture processing, mapping, and synthesis patches for digital musical instruments. Each patch is accompanied with a help patch to demonstrate its use.
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dot.quaternion.normalize Abstraction Normalize a quaternions.

dot.quaternion.SLERP Abstraction Performs Spherical Linear Interpolation between two quaternions.

dot.quaternion2axis Abstraction Convert quaternion to axis/angle representation.

dot.rad->norm~ Abstraction Scales 2pi-radians to normalized range (0-1) with optional wraparound.

dot.randometro Abstraction Like the "metro" object but outputs randomly within a range.

dot.recordabsolute Abstraction Record an arbitrary number of datastreams with absolute timestamping.

dot.reg Abstraction

dot.region Abstraction Outputs and centre of multiple selected areas of a list (binary).

dot.repeat Abstraction Repeats a message a specified number of times.

dot.route~ Abstraction Separates signals from max-messages.

dot.scale~ Abstraction MSP version of Max's scale-object (with 'proper' exponent).

dot.schmitt Abstraction A trigger with hysteresis.

dot.schmitt~ Abstraction Detect triggers from envelope of a signal.

dot.serial Abstraction An abstraction containing the serial object, with menu generation and built-in polling and repeated-reading functionality.

dot.signaccum Abstraction Accumulates positive vs. negative same-sign deltas.

dot.sintrack~ Abstraction Tracks magnitude, instantaneous phase, and instantaneous frequency of a sinusoid.

dot.SLIPdecode Abstraction Parses slip-encoded data with user-defined delimiter and escape character.

dot.SLIPencode Abstraction Encodes data using slip-coding with user-defined delimiter and escape character.

dot.slope Abstraction Output the slope between each successive point.

dot.smooth Abstraction Simple sample-averaging filter.

dot.sparkline Abstraction Draws a sparkline from a list or stream onto an lcd object.

dot.split Abstraction Right outlet if greater then threshold, left outlet otherwise.

dot.squeuedlim Abstraction Limits the speed of messages passing through like speedlim, but queued like zl queue.

dot.std Abstraction Calculates the Standard Deviation of a windowed stream of numbers.

dot.swap Abstraction Like the swap object, but for symbols and lists too!

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