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dcblocker~ External remove DC offset from a signal

deltalist External subtract one list from another

detox External extract value and content from tags

dist~ External distance gain logarithmic

duplist External remove duplicates from a list

euler_constant External the euler constant and it's reciprocal

exp External e^n : euler constant raised to nth power

exp2 External 2^n : 2 raised to nth power

floor External next lower integer fron float

fromascii External ascii code to atom conversion

fscopy External file system copy and delete commands

gaze External 3D to 2D perspective projection for points in 3D

getenv External get environment variables (on mac: abstraction using shell)

getpaths External get various paths from the operating system

goldensection External the golden section and it's reciprocal

groupid External generates group id numbers for instance managment

heading External heading and inclination angles from joystick

hexlist External 8bit ascii to hex list

hsv2rgb External color space conversion (circular swatch)

hypot External hypotenuse from two sides

idx External prepend index to anything / extended counter

insertlist External insert item(s) into list

interpol External interpolate lists of floats/ints by index or steps

intox External en-tab line for xml formatting

ldexp External value * 2^exp

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