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The AHRS Library (Attitude Heading Reference System) is a set of Max externals that allows you to perform a series of basic calculations for 3D/4D vectorial math used in aerodynamics.
If you are using a three axis accelerometer and a three-axis magnetometer check out the"ahrs_triad" object which enables you to find the orientation of your cluster of sensor with respect to the Earth fixed coordinates.
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ahrs_aed2xyz.mxo External convert azimuth/elevation/distance to Cartesian XYZ

ahrs_axis2quat.mxo External convert angle/axis to quaternion

ahrs_gyro_orientation.mxo External estimate orientation from 3-axis gyroscopes

ahrs_matrix2quat.mxo External convert 3x3 matrix to quaternion

ahrs_quat2axis.mxo External convert quaternion to angle/axis

ahrs_quat2matrix.mxo External convert quaternion to 3x3 matrix

ahrs_quatadd.mxo External quaternions addition

ahrs_quatconj.mxo External calculate conjugate of quaternion

ahrs_quatdiv.mxo External quaternions division

ahrs_quatinv.mxo External calculate the inverse of quaternion

ahrs_quatmagn.mxo External calculate the magnitude of quaternion

ahrs_quatmult.mxo External quaternions multiplication

ahrs_quatnormalize.mxo External normalise quaternion

ahrs_quatsub.mxo External subtract two quaternion

ahrs_triad.mxo External triad algorithm for attitude estimation

ahrs_vecadd.mxo External vector addition

ahrs_veccross.mxo External vector cross multiplication

ahrs_vecdot.mxo External vector dot product

ahrs_vecmagn.mxo External vector magnitude

ahrs_vecmagncross.mxo External vector magnitude of cross product

ahrs_vecnormalize.mxo External normalise vector

ahrs_vecsub.mxo External vector subtraction

ahrs_xyz2aed.mxo External convert Cartesian XYZ to azimuth/elevation/distance

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