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a bunch of abstractions that someone might find helpful
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f0.active Abstraction help to turn off processes if inactive in more than x ms

f0.atolf Abstraction ascii to list-of-floats conversion

f0.average_tempo Abstraction gives an average tempo of the last n bangs

f0.bounds Abstraction detect if a xy location is within the bounds of a shape

f0.clock Abstraction slow down metro/line/delay/pipe/clocker/timeline objects

f0.coords_to_rect Abstraction convert x1, y1, x2, y2 to x, y, width, height

f0.data_seq Abstraction record and playback messages

f0.delay Abstraction fifo delay line for messages

f0.delayf Abstraction fifo delay line for numbers with feedback

f0.dict Abstraction simple dictionary

f0.drunk Abstraction floating-point drunk

f0.duplicates_in_coll Abstraction remove duplicate data in coll objects - req. Peter Elsea's Lobjects

f0.ease Abstraction ease in, ease out

f0.efxgate Abstraction route via effect. also works with jitter

f0.float_counter Abstraction counter with float direction/rate

f0.flush Abstraction replacement for the standard [flush] object. this one also handles midi channels

f0.folder Abstraction wrapper for the standard [folder] object. easily connects to coll, umenu and msgbox

f0.fold~ Abstraction fold values

f0.hms_to_ms Abstraction converts hours-minutes-seconds to milliseconds

f0.jit_dimchange Abstraction outputs dim if a jitter frame differs from previous

f0.jit_dimchange2 Abstraction outputs dim if a jitter frame differs from previous. more efficient version

f0.jit_fade Abstraction fader built for efficiency

f0.jit_fade_uyvy Abstraction fader built for efficiency

f0.jit_lfos Abstraction a bank of lfos

f0.jit_mix Abstraction mixer built for efficiency

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