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cv.jit is a collection of max/msp/jitter tools for computer vision applications. The goals of this project are to provide externals and abstractions to assist users in tasks such as image segmentation, shape and gesture recognition, motion tracking, etc. as well as to provide educational tools that outline the basics of computer vision techniques.
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cv.jit.binedge External Returns only edge pixels.

cv.jit.blobs.bounds External Find bounding boxes for each connected component.

cv.jit.blobs.bounds.draw Abstraction Visualize output of cv.jit.blobs.bounds.

cv.jit.blobs.centroids External Find center of mass for each connected component.

cv.jit.blobs.centroids.draw Abstraction Visualize output of cv.jit.blobs.centroids.

cv.jit.blobs.color Abstraction Visualize output of cv.jit.label.

cv.jit.blobs.direction External Find direction each connected component points to.

cv.jit.blobs.direction.draw Abstraction Visualize output of cv.jit.blobs.direction.

cv.jit.blobs.elongation External Calculate elongation for each connected component.

cv.jit.blobs.elongation.draw Abstraction Visualize output of cv.jit.blobs.elongation.

cv.jit.blobs.moments External Calculate moments of inertia for each connected component.

cv.jit.blobs.orient.draw Abstraction Visualize output of cv.jit.blobs.orientation.

cv.jit.blobs.orientation External Measure angle of main axis for each connected component.

cv.jit.blobs.recon External Carry out pattern recognition on each connected components.

cv.jit.blobs.sort External Re-arrange labels so that each connected component keeps the same from frame to frame.

cv.jit.canny External Extract binary edges from a greyscale image.

cv.jit.cartopol Abstraction Treats the data in two matrices as cartesian coordinates and translates to polar data.

cv.jit.centroids External centroids are a very cheap and robust way of doing motion tracking.

cv.jit.centroids.draw Abstraction Visualize output of cv.jit.centroids.

cv.jit.changetype Abstraction Convert the type of a matrix without changing other attributes.

cv.jit.circularity Abstraction Estimates how compact a shape is.

cv.jit.close External "Close" is the opposite of "open", that is, a "dilate" followed by and "erode".

cv.jit.covariance External Computes the covariance matrix of a vector.

cv.jit.dilate External This will make shapes fatter and although it will make noise all the more noticeable

cv.jit.direction Abstraction Calculates the direction a shape points to.

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