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library of non-linear strange attractors for max under macintosh sys, extended from Richard Dudas Chaos Collection, including the source (24 dynamic non-linear systems:: a-baker, a-clifford, a-collatz, a-duffing, a-fibonacci, a-ginger, a-henon-heilles, a-henon, a-henonf, a-henonphase, a-ikeda, a-jong, a-logistic, a-logistic1, a-lorenz, a-lorenz.e,a-lyapunov, a-navier-stokes, a-navier-stokes.e, a-rossler, a-stein, a-stein1, a-torus and a-verhulst)
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a-baker External

a-clifford External Clifford Attractors

a-collatz External

a-duffing External Duffing attractor

a-fibonacci External

a-ginger External Ginger Attractors

a-hennon External

a-hennon-heilles External

a-hennon-phase External Henon Phase diagrams, after Paul Bourke

a-hennonf External Henon Phase diagrams, after Paul Bourke

a-ikeda External

a-jong External Peter de Jong Attractors

a-logistic External

a-logistic1 External

a-lorenz External heunís method

a-lorenze.e External eulerís method

a-lyapunov External

a-navier-stokes External

a-navier-stokes.e External eulers faster less accurate way

a-rossler External heunís method

a-stein External

a-stein1 External

a-torus External

a-verhulst External

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