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The MegaMAX™ Collection is a set of 33 external objects for use with Opcode's MAX programming environment. It was created by professional musician and programmer Stephen Kay in an effort to deal with some of the frustrations and limitations of creating a professional looking, feeling and functioning application. But you don't have to be an application developer! The MegaMAX Collection is for anyone who wants to make better-looking and functioning Max patchers at all levels.
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sliceX External Slice a long list into various sized pieces, by args

splitX External An enhanced “split” object

splitXchan External Easily route notes and controllers by channel or ranges of channels without unpacking the lists

splitXnote External Look for multiple ranges of notes in incoming notelists without unpacking the data

splitXvel External Look for multiple ranges of velocities in incoming notelists without unpacking the data

sysBeep External Beep the system alert sound.

type External Split mixed lists into separate lists by type

unpackX External Enhanced “unpack” object,

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