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This is small growing externals set for max msp jitter by cycling74.
ranges from utility objects to some 3d synthetic motion physics sonic undulation
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a-hglide External list compression/expansion

a-hspline3d External hermite splines interpolation method in 3 dimensions

a-hv External map a point to a rect drawing command

a-hypercube External hypercube xyz coords

a-jit.human External get human coordinates from video stream

a-kin3d External 3d conjugates

a-kin3ma External 2d conjugates

a-len External lenght to

a-line2d External bidimensional line momentum

a-line3d External tridimensional line momentum

a-lissa External lissajous xy pattern generator

a-listscramble External shuffle the elements of a list

a-lorenz~ External msp lorenz noise generation

a-map External another linear mapping

a-mar External wave propagation

a-mmm External min, max, mean of a stream of numbers

a-pad External entwine a list with values

a-perp External calculate the perpendicular vector

a-plane External calculate a plane from points

a-polys External 0-1 stream to multiple selections

a-proj External calculate the projection of vector q onto p

a-pt2plane External point to plane distance

a-pt2~ External msp poisson trigger interp noise generation

a-pt~ External msp poisson trigger noise generation

a-radial External drawing circularly aid

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