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Software to perform unique, complex video effects in real-time. Optimized for fastest performance and best image quality
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au.abex External colorizing + blurring based on each frame’s data

au.abstract External very extreme blurring

au.addalpha External write movie 2 into alpha channel of movie 1

au.aura External the look of the aura

au.backdrop External blend freeze-frame with moving image

au.blur External very fast blurring

au.buffer External store, play, + blend together previous frames

au.colorneg External the look of color negatives

au.compose External layout multiples of images in one frame

au.compose.mix External layout and blend multiples of images in one frame

au.compose.multi External layout multiples of multiple images in one frame

au.contrast External increase / decrease contrast

au.coords External convert pixel numbers to percentage of width + height

au.crop External select portion of image to be displayed

au.cropsoft External crop with soft blended edge

au.curl External multiple curling / warping

au.delay External blend frame with previous frame

au.delayrand External blend frame with random previous frame

au.delaytrap External blend frame with selected previous frame

au.delta External output data on the way the image changes

au.difference External display only the difference between frames

au.disperse External smear / spread / multiply portions of image

au.duotone External render image in 2 selected colors only

au.echoplex External delay with feedback

au.ekta External the look of over-exposed film

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