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Software to perform unique, complex video effects in real-time. Optimized for fastest performance and best image quality
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au.fade External auto fade-in / fade-out

au.fear External the look of fear

au.feedback External blend + displace multiples of image

au.grayscale External fast accurate b+w conversion

au.hc External combine motion and accumulated stills

au.hue External rotate hue, preserve luminance

au.impose External the look of an imposition

au.invert External flip color values

au.led External simulated light-emitting diode display

au.legion External multiplied scaling of image

au.lfo External external low-frequency oscillator (internal LFO in every object)

au.luma External increase / deacrease luminance value

au.lumakey External completely smooth luminance keying

au.lunarize External the look of lunarization

au.mblur External very efficient motion blurring

au.mimeo External the look of very low quality

au.mirror External reflection from any point, at any angle

au.mix External blend images -- 46 modes

au.mix.multi External blend multi images -- 46 modes

au.mix.select External select 2 of multiple images to blend

au.multate External multiple rotate

au.neon External the look of neon

au.newsprint External the look of newsprint

au.noisebed External key image onto noise

au.outline External trace edges of image

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