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A graphical programming environment for music and media development.
In this librairy are listed only the new objects since version 4.5.
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atodb External Convert linear amplitude to a dB value.

atoi External Convert ASCII characters to integers.

autopattr External Expose multiple objects in a patcher to the pattr system.

bgcolor External Set a patcher’s background color.

bline External An event-driven multi-segment line object.

Bonjour External Searching a local area network using Apple Bonjour

buf.Op Javaclass (mxj) buffer~ operations

classpath Javaclass (mxj) outputs classpath information

cpuclock External Make precise “real-world” time measurements.

datareader External Datareader is designed as a general-purpose MAX/MSP tool for the production of data sonifications and other applications in which reading multi-column spreadsheet data quickly and easily is necessary.

dbtoa External Convert a dB value to linear amplitude.

deferlow External Defer the execution of a message (always).

echo Javaclass (mxj) super midi delay

fibonacci Javaclass (mxj) outputs the requested element of the Fibonacci sequence as a symbol

filewatch External Notify Max of a file change.

Flies Javaclass (mxj) Flies simulation

fontlist External List the system fonts.

function External A graphical breakpoint function editor.

gaussian Javaclass (mxj) pseudo-random floating-point numbers with a gaussian distribution

GMDrums Javaclass (mxj) General MIDI drummer

hi External Human Interface (game controller) device input.

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hotbits Javaclass (mxj) random numbers generated by the beta-decay of Krypton-85

itoa External Convert integers to ASCII characters.

jit.cellblock External Two-dimensional storage and viewing.

js External Execute Javascript code.

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