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hacked X abstractions of missing externals.
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!% Abstraction A kind of the opposite to the modulo operator, it will count on...

!gate Abstraction Like gate but reversed. 1 closes, anything else opens.

#0 Abstraction Like [int] but is loaded with an unique number.

#1 Abstraction Just the existence of empty #x objects allows for creating subpatchers with this kind of differentiation. No annoying '#1: No such object' anymore.

#_0 Abstraction Like [int] but is loaded with an unique number.

+-dB Abstraction map Midi (0-127) to a +- dB range. Good for filtercontrol

+dB Abstraction map Midi (0-127) to a + dB range. Good for filtercontrol

0xin Abstraction With no argument Oxin will just pass any input, if an argument different than 0 it will expect a list and pass according to the first number.

asr Abstraction Simple attack-sustain-release abstraction. Three arguments: Sustain level, Attack time, Sustain time

bangone Abstraction Helps to avoid unwanted double triggers but only within a time specified by it right inlet or a parameter.

budda Abstraction budda is buddy but works also with bangs. Maximum number of in/outs is 16

bypasd Abstraction In case you ever wanted a bypass function for filtergraph, bypasd is the easy solution.

bypass~ Abstraction Connects the first input to the first output.

cel Abstraction A short for compare select.

chonoch Abstraction Change or not to change, that is the question, decided by the right input.

code Abstraction binary decoder

csel Abstraction If you need seperate bangs for comparisons, csel is simple and effective

ctlins Abstraction A bunch of ctlins (up to 16)

ctof Abstraction Convert cent values to frequency in Hertz

datime Abstraction Puts out time and date on bang.

datoday Abstraction Calculate the day of this millenium for a given date.

decay Abstraction Outputs the input only if its bigger or equal than the value before.

DecInc Abstraction Does the same as IncDec, but will work with the up and down keys instead of mouse clicks.

defcoll Abstraction A coll which outputs a default message if there is no entry for a given input.

delay0 Abstraction Only a zero will be delayed. Switch on immediate, switch off delayed.

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