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Max/MSP externals for Ambisonic encoding, rotating and decoding up to 3rd order for two or three dimensional speaker arrays.
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ambi.decode~ External Decodes an ambisonic encoded sound field to a user-defined speaker array of up to 16 channels (more can be added by using more than one ambi.decode~ object).

ambi.encoden~ External Encodes up to 16 sources to distinct azimuth and elevation orientations (specified individually or as a list).

ambi.encode~ External Encodes a monophonic source to a specified azimuth and elevation.

ambi.granulate~ External Granulates an incoming signal into an Ambisonic soundfield.

ambi.rotate~ External Transforms an encoded sound field by rotating around axes (currently limited to rotations around the Z axis).

ambi.weight~ External balances the components of an Ambisonic encoded soundfield per order, using a set of pre-defined or user-defined weights.

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