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LFO Quaternion Objects

Evan Raskob Free externals for using and converting Quaternions in Max/MSP/Jitter. Includes source code as XCode project, BSD license.


lh_midi objects

Leigh Hunt These objects can be utilised to send and receive all types of midi data to and from a max4live device.



James McCartney List Operators
Litter Power Pro Package

Peter Castine The Litter Power package consists of over 60 external objects, including a number of new MSP noise sources, externals that produce values from a wide variety of random number distributions, and externals for mutation and cross-synthesis.


Litter Power Starter Package

Peter Castine The Litter Power Starter Pack consists of about two dozen external objects, including a number of new MSP noise sources, a wide variety of random number distributions, time-domain mutation, and several very useful utilities.


loadbang.net SQL

Nick Rothwell A Java library for communicating with SQL databases from MXJ. We currently support MySQL and HSQLDB. The HSQLDB system includes an embedded database instance, so it runs automatically from text files in Max\'s search path; no external database server configuration is necessary.



Peter Elsea Max objects for manipulation of lists of numbers.


Luigi's MSP objects

Luigi Castelli virtual analog bandlimited waveform generators, quadraphonic panner and crossfader.


Lyon's Max/MSP Potpourri

Eric Lyon free and useful externals


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