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V Objects

V.j. Manzo The V Objects provides a number of shortcut tools for Max created by V.J. Manzo and included with the Modal Object Library.

created by V.J. Manzo



--/// Vade v001 is meant to help bring a structured method for building modular and reusable performance patches for Max/MSP and Jitter - it isnt a complete low level programming system, rather an immediately useful set of pre-made objects and patching methodologies for building modules and automatically creating dynamic and scriptable user interfaces.


v001 Shaders

--/// Vade v001 Shaders are a collection of GPU accelerated video and geometry processing plugins for Jitter 1.6. The library includes 2 and 3 channel mixers, single channel video effects and geometry, lighting, bump mapping and displacement shaders for 3D objects.



Thomas Grill VASP is a package for PD or Max/MSP consisting of a number of externals extending these systems with functions for non-realtime array-based audio data processing. VASP is capable of working in the background, therefore not influencing eventual dsp signal processing.


vRand abstractions

Gary Lee Nelson These new objects assume that you have downloaded and installed one of the the externals from the Random Objects library. There are OS9, OSX and PC versions. (Thanks again to Jeremy Bernstein.) I have not tested these new abstractions in OS 9 or Windows and would appreciate hearing from anyone you can verify that they work.


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