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Popcorn (dust) noise

This noise generator, known variously as popcorn or dust noise, generates exponentially distributed pulses of varying amplitude and pulse width. It resembles kinds of noise frequently found in telecommunications lines and sometimes in radio broadcast. Curiously, in most naturally occurring circumstances, the pulses are all of the same sign, either positive or negative. The lp.ppp~ object supports both, as well as a symmetrical variant in which positive and negative pulses are mixed at random. When the density of pops becomes high and pulse width also increases, it becomes possible for pops to overlap. The current implementation makes no provision for overlapping pops; one pop must be completed (i.e., the signal must return to 0) before the next one can begin. Thus, the actual frequency of pops may fall slightly underneath the specified mean.
from the library :
Litter Power Pro Package
Format : External
Environment : max / msp
Max 4.x


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