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Python script which gives audio CD support for Windows : import .cda tracks into [buffer~], retrieve CD infos from CDDB (artist, title, track names...). Requires [Pyext] external, Python 2.4.x and some additional python modules.

Warning ! For Python lovers only (or for CD fanatics) :

As there's still no cd support in max/Msp for windows, it is an attempt to provide one. It is written in python and runs through the great [pyext] object, which is a python wrapper for max/Msp, by Thomas Grill. Luckily, it's really stable, and relatively fast ! When the device is "cold", it takes 5s for importing 2 megs and about 30s for a 4-5min file. Same or faster than Sound Forge, and already in your buffer~ ! Last but not least, it doesn't interrupt MSP process while importing...

Format : External
Environment : max
Max 4.5


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