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Output from signal delay line

tapout~ outputs a delayed signal that was fed to tapin~. You connect a tapin~ object to one or more tapout~ objects. tapout~ has one or more inputs to specify delay time and a signal output for each input. You type an initial delay time argument in milliseconds for each input/output you want (maximum 64). If you connect a signal to a delay time input, a continuously variable delay algorithm is used that has the effect of transposing the original signal up when the delay time is gradually decreasing and transposing it down when the delay time is gradually increasing. If you connect a float to a delay time input, the output signal doesn't transpose but you may hear clicks when changing the delay time. In either case, the delay time is specified in milliseconds. If you're not going to change the delay time, just using a float to specify the delay time is much more efficient.
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Format : External
Environment : msp
Max 4.x


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