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Rockband Drum Midi Interface

This patch makes it so that you can just plug your rockband drum controller into your computer via usb and send the midi messages over the IAC Bus or Midi Yoke to whatever midi supported drum machine ( or softsynth or sampler ) you wish to play.

Change the number boxes at the bottom of the patch to change the notes which are output, save the note output configurations with the preset object to the right by holding shift and clicking the dot once you have a midi configuration that you like.

Format : Patch
Environment : max / Max Runtime
Max 5.x


Comments :
akemp1902 [ 2014-12-16 20:07:49 ]
Hey Brian, I'm really interested in your patch, do you know if it would be possible to configure it to be used with another electronic drum kit? I don't own a rockband drum controller and wanted to try and connect my Roland HD-3 to it but am having a bit of trouble, if you were willing to give me a hand that would be hugely appreciated!

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