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Synmergic Loop Editor plugin

a pluggo-based VST plugin focused on creating and editing musical patterns on-line.

The most important feature of this plugin is the online editing of musical patterns. Your on going music project remains private, having its own tempo, other VST instruments and FX, in other words having its own unique musical character, while at the same time everything you do in this plugin is by principle public. The musical patterns exist at the synmergic server, not in your computer, and changes made to these patterns are directly reflected to anyone who uses them in his own project. Although the musical patterns are shared among various projects, this plugin is not about sharing static audio loops or bits of music, but instead it is about interaction and joining the creative process of others. The various projects sharing musical patterns form a network of on-going musical creations.

The plugin features a powerful polyphonic FM generator with the extra ability of generating various noises or even re-sampling real time audio input. Each audio event in a musical pattern has its own set of FM parameters and a dedicated envelop so that the synmergic VST plug-in comprises a versatile tool for creating audio loops.

Format : Pluggo (plug-in)
Environment : max / msp
Max 4.x


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