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Useful abstractions.
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St.DialIn Abstraction Provide a ctlin-like abstraction for the Doepfer Pocket Dial

St.eceive Abstraction remotely controlable receive object

St.elector Abstraction A selector which unselects the other outputs automatically.

St.end Abstraction A send with changeable destination.

St.ereoRec Abstraction A recording object which will automatically open a soundfile and give it a name according to the date and time.

St.estSpeakers Abstraction The ultimate Speakers test.

St.etect~ Abstraction rudimentary event detection, need some more research and tweaking...

St.Fade~ Abstraction Fader

St.hreshRec Abstraction Threshold that automatically record into a buffer.

St.hresh~ Abstraction Threshold. Useful for automatic recordings, gates, ducker and alike.

St.hru Abstraction Directly connect up to 64 inputs to their corresponding outlets.

St.ick Abstraction For decoding the signals from an Airstick which is a joystick that works in the air.

St.imer Abstraction Like timer, but measures the time in seconds, minutes, hours and days.

St.IncDec Abstraction Increment or decrement a value with bangs.

St.Last Abstraction Picks only the last value which came in to its input.

St.LearnCtlin Abstraction Allows to let the controller number and channel be learned.

St.lice Abstraction slice extensions out of a string (this will eliminate the dot)

St.lit Abstraction Like multiple splits.

St.LoadIf Abstraction Useful for subpatchers with #x arguments. It can replace all the different loadbang constructions.

St.LoadIfs Abstraction Allows you to mimik the behaviour of externals like noteout or counter which have different meanings for parameters according to the number of parameters.

St.lowzi Abstraction Like Uzi but slower.

St.MenuCount Abstraction To know how many entries have been sent to objects which fill menus.

St.Metro Abstraction Powerful metronome.

St.MidiInport Abstraction Like midiinfo this abstraction will feed with its left outlet a menu with the names of midi devices but it will also set it to the name which comes as parameter.

St.MidiOutport Abstraction Like omsinfo this abstraction will feed with its left outlet a menu with the names of Midi devices but it will also set it to the name which is set as parameter.

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