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This software enable Max to render interactive 3D graphics using OpenGL.
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gem.pix_rtx External

gem.pix_scanline External

gem.pix_set External

gem.pix_sig2pix~ External

gem.pix_snap External Snaps a pix of the render buffer

gem.pix_snap2tex External

gem.pix_subtract External Subtract two images (currently not available)

gem.pix_takealpha External

gem.pix_test External

gem.pix_texture External Turns on texture mapping

gem.pix_texture2 External

gem.pix_threshold External Clamp pixel values to a threshold

gem.pix_tIIR External

gem.pix_video External Loads in an video (currently not available)

gem.pix_write External

gem.pix_yuv External

gem.pix_zoom External Change the pixel zooming for glDrawPixels

gem.polygon External Creates a polygon

gem.polygon_smooth External

gem.primTri External Creates a triangle primitive

gem.rectangle External Creates a rectangle

gem.render_trigger External Send out a bang on pre and post render

gem.ripple External

gem.rotate External Rotate a gem object

gem.rotateXYZ External Rotate a gem object

page : 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

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